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Gorilla Tag Horror Apk

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v1.0.0 for Android
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Feb 05, 2024
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Android 4.1+
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The Gorilla Tag Horror Apk adds an exciting scary element to the game, making the world of Gorilla Tag even more realistic. As an add-on to the popular Gorilla Tag series, this mod adds a scary experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. 

In this article, we'll talk about what makes Gorilla Tag Horror Apk different, as well as the scary turns and twists that players can expect in this scary version of the popular game Gorilla Tag.

Introduce to Gorilla Tag Horror

Gorilla Tag Horror Sidequest Apk first became very famous as a unique VR-based multiplayer PC game that focused on free movement and crazy stunts. Players took on the form of colourful gorillas and moved around 3D maps by swinging from their arms spread. 

Thanks to an active Android development community, Gorilla Tag can now be played on mobile devices with customised ports that use mods like Gorilla Tag Horror to take the crazy gameplay to a scary new level.

With its creepy ghost gorilla that haunts and hunts players, Gorilla Tag Horror adds a dark spooky twist to the open source Quest port. Online multiplayer and cross-play between PC VR and Android modders are made possible by advanced scripting. 

With custom graphic filters, textures, sounds, and bigger city maps, Gorilla Tag is like a mix of parkour and prop hunt, where you have to hide from scary monsters. 

Through hard work by the community, thrill-seeking modders can now enjoy one of VR's most addicting feelings on pocket devices.

Multiplayer Ghosts in Gorilla Tag Horror.

Gorilla Tag Horror goes beyond the usual lonely horror experiences by delivering scares through asymmetrical multiplayer matches where a player controls a ghost gorilla and normal opponents try to escape and make it through a maze. 

The ghost uses special skills like teleportation, blindness, and speed bursts to scare its prey, while survivors scramble using their parkour skills.

This social dynamic makes for intense moments of strategy, fakeouts, and chases across larger urban maps with lots of hiding places for survivors to regain their strength while avoiding dangerous ghosts. 

Team text and voice chat lets you plan coordinated escapes that feel like they were won by working together skillfully against paranormal predators that are too strong for you to handle.

Custom Graphical Effects.

Along with the added game modes, Gorilla Tag Horror also uses changes to the graphics to make the mood stronger on Android devices. Even though the overall art style is still cartoony and friendly, small changes to the way things look show that darker forces are at work in this macabre modded world.

Haunting lighting effects make places look like they are in the dark with the moon or with scary red colours to make the atmosphere creepy. Volumetric fog makes it hard to see in huge industrial map spaces that are full of hiding places. 

Walls and skyboxes are covered in splatter blood textures that make it look like lost gorillas will have horrible deaths. Some UI parts use fonts and icons that are more scary.

These custom graphic filters, which are driven by active shaders and texture injectors, help solidify the move away from sunny originals and towards more scary themes. 

Expanded City Maps.

The silly parkour jungle gym maps in Gorilla Tag are good for playful competition, but the scary levels in Gorilla Tag Horror require more land and more obstacles to use in clever ways. 

To make things more difficult, several huge cityscapes are added, including stadiums, train stations, building sites, and more for mobile ghosts to claim.

Towering buildings with rooms linked by dangerous ledges, ropes and poles make it easier to move around without following a straight line, but they can also make you feel suffocated. 

Some places even have special environmental traps that add variety, like a ghost that can flood parts of the path and drown gorillas that step on it. The stress rises when you have to survive against mystic hunters as the game gets more complicated.

Features in Gorilla Tag Horror Apk Latest Version

Terrifying Atmosphere:

With the Gorilla Tag Horror Apk, the familiar Gorilla Tag world is turned into a scary nightmare. People who play will have to find their way through a scary environment, making for an immersive and spooky game experience.

Horror-themed Maps:

Check out the new maps that are meant to make you scared and anxious. The Gorilla Tag Horror Apk adds scary locations where players have to find their way through dark hallways, spooky landscapes, and haunted places. This makes the game more intense.

Fear-Inducing Soundtrack:

A big part of making the horror experience better is the game's music. There is a scary music in Gorilla Tag Horror Apk that makes the tension higher and keeps players on high alert as they move through the scary virtual world.

Spooky Gorilla Avatars:

Meet creepy gorilla characters that give the game a supernatural feel. In this horror-themed mod, players will face scary enemies like ghostly gorillas and creatures from other worlds, making the tension and excitement even higher.

Immersive Horror Gameplay:

The horror-themed game Gorilla Tag Horror Apk is very intense. Players have to use their smarts and quick reflexes to get through the scary maps, avoid scary enemies, and figure out the secrets that are hidden in the game.

Multiplayer Horror Experience:

You and your friends or people from all over the world can play a scary game together. The Gorilla Tag Horror Apk adds a multiplayer mode so that players can share the scary and exciting moments, making it a fun and social journey.

Jump Scares and Surprises:

Get ready for jump scares and shocks that you didn't see coming. The unexpected parts of Gorilla Tag Horror Apk will keep players on the edge of their seats and add a thrilling element to the game.


Due to the work of dedicated modders, Gorilla Tag Horror turns one of VR's most physically demanding games into a smart cat-and-mouse horror adventure for Android phones. 

Creative add-ons combine unequal multiplayer with parkour movement on spooky city maps, allowing for intense matches with frantic teamwork or brutal hunting of supernatural beings. 

Customised audio and visual elements add to the scary atmosphere, making modded expansions even more different from the originals.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Gorilla Tag Horror Apk

Q: Is Gorilla Tag Horror Apk suitable for all players?

A: Gorilla Tag Horror Apk has highly customisable scary settings, and it is suggested for gamers who like intense and frightening games. Players should use their own judgement.

Q: Can I play Gorilla Tag Horror Apk with friends?

A: There is an online mode in Gorilla Tag Horror Apk that lets players enjoy the scary experience with friends or other players from all over the world.

Q: Are there customizable settings to adjust the horror level?

A: Of course. The horror settings in Gorilla Tag Horror Apk can be changed so that players can choose the amount of fear and intensity that works best for them.

Q: Does Gorilla Tag Horror Apk include jump scares and surprises?

A: Yes, players can expect jump scares and other shocks in Gorilla Tag Horror Apk. These will make the game more exciting.

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