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v1.168.000 for Android
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Apr 17, 2023
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Android 5.0+
Role Playing

Hero Wars is quickly becoming one of the most popular action games you can play on your phone. It has a great cast of characters, fun graphics, and a fun way to play. The same people who made the famous games Throne Rush and Island Experiment, NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD, made the game.

With Hero Wars, the creators have outdone themselves, as millions of players worldwide can confirm. In the game, you and your team of heroes face off against hundreds of different types of enemies, including some tough bosses who will only go down with a fight.

Hero Wars is a game for people who like action, working together, and making their heroes stronger so they become famous.


Hero Wars 1.168.000 were made by the same people who made the top game empire. It is a hero role-playing game with exciting experiences that no one should miss. In one situation, tiny heroes and big monsters are fighting hard worldwide. 

Here, they will have good levels, have killed big monsters, and have quickly brought peace to the land of Dominion. You can beat the terrible boss if you use the mix of multiplayer gameplay and fantasy-action RPG.

You can use different heroes and then control them while they fight. As you level them up, you can see how they become more badass and can do more damage. Each hero has a unique skill, so it will be an important part of your plan to pair certain heroes to make a more balanced team.

You can take your heroes into thousands of multiplayer PvP fights, or you can go on campaigns across the hostile lands of Dominion to kill your enemies. There are also huge Guide Wars where you can show how good you are. This gives you a range of places to fight and will put your skills to the test as you get better.


Fictional Hero War Games

The war happened when troops of demons invaded the beautiful land of Dominion. To protect the peaceful life of the land, an army of tiny heroes with weak weapons attacked with awful bosses.

Hero Wars gives players a deep fantasy battle to take part in on PvP levels. Not only that, but it's also a colourful action RPG fighting game set in a fantasy world that will fill your thirst for adventure. 

Fight For Ultimate Power And The World Down

Hero Wars 1.168.000 has made a great game system for a fantasy-adventure role-playing game. The main thing the little heroes have to do is fight for ultimate strength in a big war.

Defeat the evil army of Evil Lands, which comprises dozens of huge monsters that can crush all the tiny hero fighters at any time. But teams should focus on creating the best plans and working together to beat them.

Ten Different, Strong Heroes

There will be weak and strong heroes in an army of tiny heroes. Most of the time, the strong have powerful tools and a good understanding of how to use them. It would help if you let your army's weaker members practice more to boost their motivation to fight the enemy. Practice constantly and a lot to build up your ability.

Get Unique Heroes And Collect Them

Hero Wars 1.168.000 also lets players continue to recruit and collect more powerful heroes, like the mighty warrior heroes described above, to build a strong army.

Players will have to get all of their heroes to join them and improve some of their strong skills. Unlock their skills and powers to give them a more powerful upgrade. Also, send heroes with great strength into PvP areas to fight. 


Join the millions of other players fighting in this big war and become a hero among them all. Hero Wars is one of the games that is selling the most copies. Don't miss out, and best of luck!

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