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Hyper Drift 1.22.1 Apk latest v1.22.1 for Android

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v1.22.1 for Android
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Apr 17, 2023
74.6 Mb
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Android 5.0+

Racing games have come a long way, that's for sure. If you like racing, you can play the most accurate racing and drifting game ever. In this game, you can drive various cars, beat all your opponents, and become the all-time racing champion. 

You can change the colours of your racing cars and race with cars that look good and stand out. The Hyper Drift 1.22.1 game, made by Semeevs, is a great choice for people who love cars. 

More than 500,000 players from all over the world are playing this great racing game right now. You can be sure that this app will give you the most exciting car races you've ever seen as you speed around the beautiful tracks built in the city. 

Players can do more than change the colour of their cars. They can also change or upgrade the engine, suspensions, and wheel alignment to stay ahead of the competition. Today, you can download the game and learn how to race and slide like a pro driver.


Hyper Drift 1.22.1 is a fun driving game in which you have to show off your driving skills in games that will make your heart beat fast. If you think you know how to drive and want a challenge to test your reflexes behind the wheel, this choice will show you how far you can go.

You must only move your finger from left to right to drive your car. Since you don't have to speed up or slow down, you have to make sure you drift and turn around each curve as exactly as possible. With this simple way to play, you can enjoy the game and finish all kinds of tracks that get harder as you level up.

In Hyper Drift 1.22.1, each level has a different goal, such as being the first to cross the finish line or making the coolest spins and turns. 

No matter your goal, you'll have to make sure you take a right turns, get the right speed, and score as many points as possible. You can see your goal and score at the top of the screen at any time. This lets you know how much of a risk you can take. Don't let go of your car if you want to get through the level.


Drift And Race

With Hyper Drift 1.22.1 Apk, you won't need to look for more driving games. You have to start playing right away. The rules are easy, and the game is not like any other. This game takes racing to a whole new level regarding how it is played and looks.

Try out Unreal Engine 4, which made this game possible. Here, you can race on roads that look great and go well with the different racing cars you can drive right now. Unlock the Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW, Lamborghini, and many other cars so you can drive them.

Be bold and change things about your ride, like the handling, engine, wheel rims, body colour, etc. Take the race to the streets and race against real people today.

Quite A Few Cars

Racing games would only be fun, with various cars to choose from. Still, the Hyper Drift game gives you a lot to choose from. There are fast cars that are fun to use for racing and sliding.

Find well-known cars like the ones in Need for Speed, Real Racing Series, and other games. Luxury car names like Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, and Lamborghini are available. Every car is different and has its pros and cons.

Beautiful Pictures

The images are one of the best things about this game. The game looks like a PC game at first glance. Even when you're playing it, you'll feel like you're in the real world!

Today, you can enjoy how cars, tracks, and houses look like they were made on the spot. The work that went into making this game come to life with clear details that have never been seen before is amazing.

Enjoy A Lot Of Levels

In Hyper Drifts, all of the levels are very hard. To get to the next level, you'll have to fight with other people and beat them. You'll find money along the way as you move through the different levels. Make sure to get the money if you want to make a lot.


Hyper Drift is a fun racing game that allows you to show off your driving skills. In this fun game, only the best drivers can get to the top by racing through hundreds of levels, drifting around thousands of turns, and always crossing the finish line first.

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