Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes 1.9.23 APK APK

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes 1.9.23 APK latest v1.9.23 for Android

App By:
Steel Crate Games, Inc.
v1.9.23 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 22, 2023
152.83 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Have you ever gotten lost in the world of video games, discovering new worlds and fighting bosses that are bigger than life? Or maybe you're just a regular player who likes to play a quick game after a long day. 

No matter how you like to play games, the vast and exciting world of games is always full of new adventures. There are a lot of different kinds of games, from fast-paced shooters to games with heartwarming stories. 

So grab your controller, make yourself comfortable, and let's explore the wonderful world of games together.


"Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes 1.9.23" is a popular multiplayer video game that tests your puzzle-solving and conversation skills in a high-pressure situation. One player is trapped in a virtual room with a ticking bomb that needs to be defused, while the other players (the "Experts") have access to a printed or digital manual with directions for defusing different types of bombs.

The game is played in rounds, and each round gets harder than the last one. Because each bomb is made by chance, players will never use the same bomb twice. Each bomb has a strict time limit for defusing, so players have to work quickly and well together to share important information and make choices.

The game is meant to be fast-paced and difficult. Each round tests your ability to work well with others, solve problems, and stay calm when things get tough. 

It's a fun game to play with friends or family because it helps people talk to each other, work as a team, and solve problems. "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" is sure to be a fun and memorable experience, no matter how often or how long you play games.


Challenging Puzzles

"Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" has difficult tasks that test your communication skills and ability to solve problems. Each bomb has a different set of parts that you have to figure out before time runs out. The modules can be anything from reading symbols to cutting wires to hitting buttons in a certain order. This causes a sense of urgency, and to defuse the bomb, you need to think fast and talk well.

Procedurally Generated Puzzles

Puzzles in the game are made by a process called "procedural generation." This means that each bomb is different and uncertain. This keeps the game interesting and new, and it makes sure that no one ever plays the same bomb twice.

A Pocket Game For A Party

"Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" is a fun party game that two or more people can play together in the same room. It's great for game nights, parties, or events, and it helps people get to know each other and work together.

Mission Mode and Free Play

There are two ways to play the game: Mission and Free Play. In Mission mode, players have to solve a number of puzzles that get harder as they add new modules and rules. In Free Play mode, players can make their own bombs and set their own pace.

Daydream VR Is Not Required

The game has an optional Daydream VR mode that lets people play the game in virtual reality for an even more realistic experience. This is a great way to try VR with friends, and it makes the game even more exciting.

Bomb Defusal Manual

At, you can get a free copy of the Bomb Defusal Manual or print it out to read. The manual tells you how to defuse different kinds of bombs, and the Experts need to be able to give accurate advice to the player who is defusing the bomb.


Bomb Defusal Manual is a unique and exciting party game that tests your ability to talk to people and figure out puzzles. The fast-paced and tense rounds of the game, along with the puzzles that are made automatically, keep the action new and interesting.

You can play with friends in the same room, and you can print out or look at the manual for free at This makes Bomb Defusal Manual a must-try for anyone who wants a fun and hard multiplayer game. So get your friends together, grab your tools, and get ready to defuse bombs!

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