KingFrog Crossing 1.11 APK APK

KingFrog Crossing 1.11 APK latest v1.11 for Android

App By:
MegaVolt Corp
v1.11 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 24, 2023
41 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Are you ready to help KingFrog Crossing 1.11 get across the dangerous boardwalk by avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and power-ups, and setting new high scores? 

In this fast-paced video game, you'll guide KingFrog through a difficult obstacle course full of moving cars, trucks, and other dangers. With easy-to-use controls, fun power-ups, and growing difficulty, KingFrog is a game that players of all ages will enjoy for hours. 

Can you help KingFrog reach his goal and become the top winner on the leaderboard? Jump into the fight to find out!


KingFrog Crossing 1.11 looks like an arcade game where you help a frog character get across a boardwalk while dodging dangers and picking up coins and power-ups.

Help KingFrog get to the other side of the boardwalk while dodging cars, trucks, and other dangers. As the game goes on, the player can pick up coins and power-ups that will make it easier to move around the beach and increase their chances of getting a high score.

The game probably has simple, easy-to-understand controls that let players move KingFrog around the boardwalk while avoiding obstacles and earning coins. The game might also have power-ups like speed boosts, shields, or other upgrades that help players move further and get a higher score.


Obstacle Course

The game could have a boardwalk with moving cars, trucks, and other dangers that the player must avoid while guiding KingFrog to the other end of the boardwalk.


Players might be able to find power-ups like speed boosts, shields, and other upgrades all over the beach. These can help them move further in the game and get a higher score. Some of these power-ups may only work for a short time and end after that.

Money And Perks

As the player moves around the boardwalk, they may pick up coins or other rewards that can be used to buy new power-ups, upgrades, or other in-game things.

Getting Harder To Do

As the player moves through the levels, the game might get harder, with objects that move faster, fewer power-ups, and less time to avoid the dangers.


KingFrog looks like a fast-paced, action-packed arcade game where players must travel a dangerous boardwalk while collecting coins and power-ups and avoiding dangers. KingFrog is a great game for people of all ages because it is fun to play and the tools are easy to use.

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