KingFrog Crossing 1.16 APK

KingFrog Crossing 1.16 APK

App By:
MegaVolt Corp
v1.16 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 14, 2023
45 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
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A new story is about to start in the crazy world of mobile games, and KingFrog is the main character. 

Get ready for an exciting trip where your help is KingFrog's only chance at winning.

You have a clear mission: tap, hop, and aim for the high score to help KingFrog get across the pier. 

But that's not all. KingFrog's adventures are full of surprises, and it's not just about winning; it's about having a great time.

Are you ready to go on this great journey with KingFrog? Let's get into the specifics of this fun game.


KingFrog is not like other frogs, he has a goal and needs your help.

You need to help him find his way around this fun world on the beach, which is full of surprises and challenges. But watch out! There are things in the way that you'll have to avoid to keep KingFrog moving.

KingFrog Crossing Apk is different because of its own style. The skilled @frankynines made the game's original art, which makes every jump and leap a visual treat.

The game also has an original soundtrack by @sofaking that you can listen to as you play. It adds rhythm and excitement to your journey.

But wait, there's more! KingFrog lets you collect many different Super KingFrog figures, and each one has its own unique traits. Are you able to get them all?

On the monthly leaderboard, you can compete with friends and other players from around the world for great gifts. Keep up with the latest news and releases by following @KingFrog_NFT on Twitter.

Are you ready to go on this amazing journey with KingFrog? Hide your way to success and set new records today!

The World of KingFrog.

KingFrog Crossing 1.16 Apk is the main character of this hit mobile game. He is a cute and daring frog. He wants to take over the beach, and he needs your elp to get past the challenges and collect useful power-ups along the way.

Not only that, but KingFrog's world is also beautiful to look at. The skilled @frankynines made the original art, which gives the game a unique and interesting look. 

You'll enjoy beautiful graphics that make the game more fun as you hop through this strange world.

The Soundtrack of Adventure.

The music in KingFrog is just as memorable as the music in any other great game. @sofaking wrote the original music score that sets the right mood for KingFrog's adventur

The music adds another level of realism, making you feel like you're right there with KingFrog, from exciting parts to lighthearted ones.

Collecting Super KingFrog Characters.

Many kinds of things are good in life, and KingFrog's world has 8 Super KingFrog figures to get. 

Each character has their own skills and quirks that make the game more interesting and fun to play again and again. 

Getting these characters will help you find fun new ways to beat tasks and get high scores.

Features Of KingFrog Crossing Apk Latest Version

Exciting Gameplay: 

KingFrog Crossing APK is an exciting and hard to stop playing game.

Players take on the part of KingFrog and have to help him get across a tricky boardwalk that is full of challenges and obstacles.

Intuitive Controls: 

The game is easy for people of all ages to play because the rules are simple, like tapping and swiping.

The buttons are easy to use and respond quickly, so the game is smooth and fun.

Challenging Obstacles: 

KingFrog Crossing has many hurdles that test your quick reactions and ability to plan ahead.

Each level has something new to solve, like moving platforms or tricky paths.


Power-ups are strategically put throughout the game that can help KingFrog on his journey.

These power-ups give you brief advantages, like being unbeatable or speeding up, which makes the game more exciting.

High Score Competition:

Every month, the game has a leaderboard where players can fight for the highest scores.

This part of competition makes the game more fun to play again and again as players try to move up in the rankings and win prizes.

Engaging Graphics: 

The images in KingFrog Crossing are interesting and nice to look at. The design and art of the game make it more fun to play and pull players into the world of KingFrog.

Unique Art And Music: 

The game is better because @frankynines made original art and @sofaking made original music for it. These features make the game stand out and create an immersive environment.


KingFrog gives you a one-of-a-kind and interesting game experience. 

It's an exciting game with beautiful graphics, a unique music, a wide range of characters, and the thrill of competition. 

Help KingFrog get through the levels by jumping over them and tapping your way to success. Aim for the top score and start the travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is KingFrog available for download?

A: Yes, you can get KingFrog on your phone and start your froggy adventure.

Q: Can I play KingFrog for free?

A: You can play the game for free, but there may be ads or in-app payments. To find out more, go to the app shop.

How do I play KingFrog?

A: You can use your phone to play KingFrog. To play, just get the game, tap to control KingFrog, and lead him along the beach.

What artist made the art in KingFrog?

A: @frankynines made the beautiful art in KingFrog, which makes the game more interesting to look at.

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