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Lumafusion Mod Apk v1.2.0.6 for Android

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v1.2.0.6 for Android
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Mar 29, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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LumaFusion Mod Apk, you can edit videos like a pro on your Android device. There are a lot of features and tools that were only available on PC software before this cutting-edge app came out. It changes what's possible with mobile editing.

You can be as creative as you want and make your ideas come to life like never before with LumaFusion Mod Apk. LumaFusion has everything you need to make beautiful, high-quality videos on the go, whether you're a professional director, a content creator, or someone who just loves making videos.

Introduce to Lumafusion Mod

LumaFusion is a cutting-edge app for editing videos that gives your Android device professional-level tools. It changes the way you record, edit, and share movies on the go with its easy-to-use interface and powerful features.

Lumafusion Mod Apk lets you turn unfinished videos into polished works of art, no matter if you're a professional photographer, a content creator, or someone who just likes to record life's moments. 

This app is full of powerful tools that let you edit, trim, and arrange multiple audio and video tracks without any problems. This lets you layer and mix different parts precisely.

The wide range of color grading choices in LumaFusion is one of its best features. You can make small changes to the way your movies look to give them a unique look that fits with your creative vision. 

Lumafusion Mod Apk also lets you mix music very well, so you can change levels, add filters, and mix sounds from different sources to make a more interesting and immersive soundscape.

You can be creative and take your video projects to new heights with LumaFusion, and you can do it all on your Android device. This powerful app gives you the tools you need to make your idea come to life, whether you're making a vlog, a short movie, or a record of a special event.

Multi-Track Editing Prowess.

The ability to work on multiple tracks in LumaFusion is truly amazing. You can work with an endless number of video and audio tracks with this powerful feature. This lets you layer and combine different elements precisely and easily. 

You can be very creative when you can combine different clips, overlays, and music without any problems, whether you're making a movie masterpiece or an exciting promotional video.

Because drag-and-drop works so naturally, it's easy to move and rearrange your clips, trim and split footage, and tweak transitions while keeping your process smooth and quick. With LumaFusion's advanced editing tools, like keyframing and chroma keying, you can be even more creative and make images that are truly captivating and leave a lasting impact.

Professional Color Grading.

Color coloring is an important part of making videos, and LumaFusion is great at it. With its full set of color editing tools, you can change the way your footage looks, giving it a unique look that fits with your creative vision.

You can choose from a bunch of pre-set color profiles or use the advanced settings to make your video's color palette look just right. You can precisely change the levels, curves, hue, and saturation to give your video stunning cinematic looks that make it more emotional.

LumaFusion can do more than just simple adjustments when it comes to color grading. It has powerful tools like color masking and secondary color correction.

You can carefully apply color adjustments to certain areas or objects in your footage with these advanced tools. This gives you more creative freedom and lets you get results that look truly professional.

Audio Mixing and Soundtracking.

A compelling video is incomplete without a compelling audio experience. LumaFusion knows how important this part of video production is. With its powerful audio mixing and soundtracking tools, you can add more sound to your projects and give your audience a more realistic and interesting experience.

LumaFusion gives you a wide range of tools to improve and change audio elements, whether you're working with speech, music, or sound effects. To get the best balance and clarity, you can change the levels, add fades, and use filters.

The app supports multi-channel audio tracks, which let you mix different audio sources without any problems, creating a soundscape that flows well. LumaFusion also has a huge library of royalty-free music and sound effects that you can use to make your videos better and set the mood and tone you want. 

When you can load and sync external audio files, you can really let your imagination run wild and make an amazing audio experience that goes along with your visual story.

Features in Lumafusion Mod Apk Latest version

Multi-Track Editing: 

You can work on multiple video and audio tracks at the same time with LumaFusion Mod APK. This lets you easily make complex, layered mixes.

Advanced Effects: 

LumaFusion Mod Apk has many built-in effects, transitions, and filters that you can use to make your movies look as good as they do on TV. The app has powerful tools to improve your footage and make your idea come to life, such as color correction and key framing.

Integrated Media Library: 

You can get to your photos, videos, and music files right from LumaFusion Mod APK. This makes it simple to add and organize your media for editing.

Versatile Export Options: 

Because LumaFusion Mod Apk has many export presets and settings, your video will look great no matter where it's seen. You can share your video on social media, send it to a streaming service, or export it for professional use.

Intuitive Interface: 

LumaFusion Mod Apk was made to be easy to use. It has a simple interface that makes it simple for beginners to get started and more complicated features for editors with more experience.

Audio Editing: 

You can edit audio in a lot of different ways with LumaFusion Mod Apk. You can change the volume, add effects, and mix different audio tracks to give your videos a dynamic sound design.

Title and Text Tools: 

With LumaFusion Mod Apk's easy-to-use text editing tools, you can add customizable title and text overlays to your movies to make them look better. You can use different fonts, colors, and styles to make titles and comments that look professional and help tell your story better.


LumaFusion Mod changes the game for mobile video editing. It has a lot of features and easy-to-use controls that let users be creative and make movies that look like they were made by professionals while they're on the go. 

LumaFusion Mod Apk is the best tool for content creators who want to get better at editing videos. It has advanced editing features, an integrated media library, and a lot of different export choices. 

LumaFusion Mod Apk has everything you need to make your ideas come to life, no matter how experienced you are.

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