Police Car Chase: Police Games 1.0.6 Apk APK

Police Car Chase: Police Games 1.0.6 Apk latest v1.0.6 for Android

App By:
Gaming Switch
v1.0.6 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 28, 2023
87 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Hello, fans of games where you drive a police car. Get ready for games where you drive away from the cops. In car driving games, you can play out an American Police Car Chase. You can play police car chase games in which you feel like you're driving a Prado SUV. These games are called police driving games simulators. 

Traffic Cop 3D games with cars. In Cop Sim Gangster Chase thief game and US police car games, you get to drive and ride a police car. American Police Car Chase: Police Games 1.0.6 is for anyone who wants to be a police officer and catch the gangster criminals who have wrecked Vice City. 

Real theft car police chase games 2023 bring ideas into real life police chase simulator police chor games police car driving games simulator offline Chase US Cop Games.


Offline police car driving games simulator best cops vs robbers game from our game exchange studio lets you think like a real police car thief. In this American police car chase cop simulator game, you drive a police car like a cop following robbers games car driving games police chase simulator. 

Follow police chase games and the best off-road car driving games simulations. You have played a lot of police car driving games, police chase simulators, and Traffic Cop 3D car games. You have driven a police car, a formula car, a gt racing car, a chase car, an extreme speed car, a Formula 1 racing car, and a gt racing car.

Start with the US police car chase robbers game and then get your free cops hunting robbers games every day. Go to the garage and choose the car you want to drive in crime catch police chase games traffic cop car games 3d.

Take the new task in gangster chase games and police driving games simulator where a mafia gang boss kills a senior police officer. In free cops following robbers games, get to the point and catch the bad guy. Real police car chase games offroad car driving games simulator have a mode called "highway racing." In this mode, you can collect money or coins.


Experience Driving A Real Police Car

The game is like driving a real police car because it has true physics and controls that make it feel like you are driving a real car.

Challenging Police Chase Missions

There are many difficult tasks in the game, such as chasing down robbers, catching criminals, and stopping illegal things from happening.

Customizable Police Cars

Players can make their police cars look how they want by picking from a range of models, colors, and upgrades.

Multiple Game Modes

The game has different ways to play, such as highway races, off-road driving, and a police chase simulator.

Engaging Storyline

The game has an interesting story that keeps players interested and drives them to move on to the next levels and tasks.

Free Gifts Every Day

Players can get coins and other in-game bonuses every day, which help them move through the game faster and unlock new material.


The offline police car driving games simulator from the Game Exchange Studio lets you drive a police car, chase down robbers, and catch thieves in a fun and immersive way.

There are many things in the game that make it fun and interesting for players of all kinds. If you like car driving games, police chase games, or you just want to play a fun and difficult game, this police car driving game simulator is a great choice.

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