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v1.7.1 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 21, 2023
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Android 6.0+
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Sugar Knight Fight Apk, You can go right into the Middle Ages with this game, where knights fight in the most exciting one-on-one battles.

You'll be able to use a wide range of weapons in this action-packed adventure, from simple swords to powerful maces, making battle feel like it did in the Middle Ages. 

Are you ready to take over the battle and become a legendary knight? Now is the time to get Knight Fight APK and join the ultimate fight for glory!


Take on the role of a brave knight in the Middle Ages with Sugar Knight Fight, a 3D battle game that puts you right in the middle of a sword fight. This game, which was made for Android, looks and feels just like armed battles from Europe in the Middle Ages.

From short, sharp swords to long, blunt maces and battle axes, you can pick the tool you want to use. Put on layers of protective gear before joining the fight, and then learn how to block and parry enemy blows.

The controls in Sugar Knight Fight are fast and work well with touchscreens, so it feels natural to use your heavy blade. Several single-player and team modes make the game fun to play for a long time.

Face AI enemies that are smarter as you play through the single-player game. Get coins to improve your guns and buy new gear as you move up the ranks, all the way to Elite Knight.

You can also go online and play against real people in PvP leagues and events. With graphics as good as those on a console thanks to Unreal Engine 4, Sugar Knight Fight brings bloody, gritty fights to your phone.

You feel like you're really in every fight thanks to the game's cutting-edge graphics, realistic physics, and complex battle animations.

Masterful Controls for Seamless Gameplay.

Knights Fight's beauty lies in its easy-to-use features, which were carefully made for touchscreen devices. 

Using your left thumb, you can change the direction of your sword and stop enemy moves in a smart way. 

You can unleash powerful moves by combining sword movement with the attack button. This gives you an edge over your enemies in battle.

Embark on a Solo Quest or Challenge the World..

There are two exciting game modes available: the single-player story mode lets you go on a quest by yourself, or the online battle mode lets you fight real people. 

In the single-player mode, get ready to fight tough enemies. Each win will earn you a variety of desirable items, such as helmets, armor, and weapons. 

On the other hand, the online multiplayer mode lets you show off your skills to people all over the world, showing that you are a true knight.

The Arsenal: Weapons of a True Knight.

In Sugar Knight Fight, the weapons you can use are as exciting as they are varied. 

Every weapon has its own style on the battlefield, from simple swords to strong clubs, scary maces, and the strange dawn stars. 

You can win your quest for supremacy if you change your plan and use different weapons.


Immersive 3D Medieval Battles:

Take part in exciting one-on-one fights as a brave knight, feeling the intensity of battle in a stunning 3D world.

Intuitive Touchscreen Controls:

Learn how to fight like a knight in the Middle Ages with easy-to-use touchscreen tools.

Direct your sword's direction with your left thumb and plan how to block enemy attacks.

Single-Player Story Mode:

In the single-player story mode, you can start an exciting journey through the Middle Ages.

Speak out against tough enemies and get prizes like new helmets, armor, and weapons.

Online Multiplayer Mode:

In the online game mode, you can show off your skills to people all over the world.

Compete against people from all over the world to show off your knightly skills and move up the ranks.

Diverse Weaponry:

Use a wide range of tools, such as swords, clubs, maces, dawn stars, and more.

Each weapon gives you a different way to fight, which makes your medieval fights more interesting.

In-Depth Progression:

Every battle, quest, and attack gives you XP and loot. You can level up your skills, fight stats, and unlocks. Use milestones, leaderboards, and achievements to boost your image. There are hundreds of items to find all over a huge medieval world.

Immersive First-Person View:

You can fight in the Middle Ages while wearing a 3D helmet. Close up, you can hear the steel hitting each other and the thunder of hooves.

It's raining on metal, and you can hear fire crackling in the distance. A unique sense of being present in every fight.


No matter if you like challenging solo battles or intense PvP, Sugar Knight Fight will make you feel like a real medieval fighter.

Put on gear that fits the time period and pick up a sword. Then learn a complicated fighting system that depends on both your ability to attack and your ability to defend. 

Next-gen graphics and physics, along with smooth tablet controls, make for an immersive RPG fighting experience that you can carry around with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Sugar Knight Fight have controller support?

A: Yes! The game works with external controls, such as gamepads for consoles.

Q: Can I play Sugar Knight Fight offline?

A: You need to be connected to WiFi to download the game, updates, and other tools. But once everything is set up, you can play the solo story game when you're not online.

Q: How much does the game cost?

A: Sugar Knight Fight is free to play, but you can buy coins inside the game.

Q: Is Sugar Knight Fight appropriate for kids?

A: We think teens and adults should go. The violence in the game is very realistic and like what you'd see in a medieval melee fight.

Q: Can I play Sugar Knight Fight on iPhone or iPad?

A: As of now, Sugar Knight Fight can only be played on Android smartphones. An iOS version might come after this.

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