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Swordash 0.46 APK latest v0.46 for Android

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v0.46 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 15, 2023
127 Mb
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Android 5.0+

What if you are a female character in a set of action games where you fight a lot of very bad and dangerous zombies? Players can refer to and download the action game Swordfish. Try on a costume that turns you into a beautiful woman wielding heavy guns. 

Use patterns of moves by making quick moves on the screen of the player's device. It makes every enemy in front of you have superhuman combat skill effects. In the game, the enemy is coming fast, so protect the beautiful homes of the female character. A mysterious girl appears in the middle of a fierce and bloody fight.

In Swordash 0.46 APK, a single female character can go against them. It's the name of the person you control in the exciting action game Swordfish. Choose a style that makes you think differently for fights that go smoothly. 

You'll have to learn how to use all of your tools and use them in both big and small ways to fight hard and tiring enemies, but you'll get used to the game's pace as you play. Extreme individual player skill makes it easy to figure out how to beat an enemy—peace of mind in Swordash action with female characters.


Choose plans for the girl character and then improve her Swordash game girl skills to make her strong and good at using weapons. Get stronger moves at the end of each level by beating the toughest enemies. 

The ultimate skill is a powerful move that players must use to their best advantage in battle because the rules for when and how to use it need to be clarified. Each skill works with a different type of tool. 

There are a lot of ultimate weapons in the game, and they all fight against each other. In Swordfish, you can go on adventures and find unique new tools. In the game, your opponents are ready for you to face them and beat them so you can free the world.


Battle Of The Guns

Players need to know how to use different kinds of weapons. Use all of them together to beat the opponent the player has to face. The guns need you to know how the Swordfish action game for girls works, adaptively to everything on the body, like shields, hats, shirts, skirts, guns, and knives on the field. To use the weapons, different adjustments bring everything together in a smooth way.

Kill The Big Boss Monster

Players can learn to play Swordash as quickly and easily as possible in the first levels by fighting a small monster with little strength. As the population grew, people started calling the big boys "bigger and stronger." Your skill and good health improve with each game screen, making the game more interesting.

Collect Weapons Tools

The game's female character will get stronger and look better with each piece of tool she gets. Damage can be done by more than just knives, guns, hammers, bows, and bombs. But there are also things like armour, hats, earrings, bracelets, scarves, bags, and skirts that make you look better and help you fight better.

To get the bag, the player must add the female character's body. In Swordash, there are a lot of weapons and pieces of gear to choose from, so players can choose based on their tastes or unique styles. There are no limits to new ideas.


You have a lot of unique superiors who are ready for you to put them to the test so they can show how good they are. You will also have access to the interesting scientific study that will help you become a stronger person.

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