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v4.1.7 for Android
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Apr 10, 2024
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Android 6.0+
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The Thuta Khit Apk—previously called Thuta Live—has become a major player in the Myanmar market. 

With its capacity to stream many live events at once with ease, this adaptable app has enthralled users and provided a glimpse into the bustling world of Myanmar's news and entertainment scene.

Introduce to Thuta Khit Apk

Thuta Khit Apk becomes a vibrant center, drawing users in with its varied content and dynamic features. Previously called as Thuta Live, this app has quickly become well-known, praised for its extraordinary ability to handle numerous live streams at once, revolutionizing the way consumers watch content. 

With its intuitive UI, the app entices users with its simplicity and ensures easy navigation for a wide range of users. The Thuta Khit App, which is especially designed to meet the preferences of Myanmar, fosters a feeling of community by bringing users together around common interests. 

The app offers a wide variety of live streaming, ranging from education to entertainment, so there's something for everyone. Interacting with streamers in real time adds a captivating element and creates a vibrant, interactive environment. 

Thuta Khit App promises customers a flawless and excellent streaming experience, staying at the forefront of technological breakthroughs with a dedication to constant innovation. 

The Thuta Khit App is a monument to the development of digital entertainment in Myanmar, uniting creativity, community, and a diverse range of content under a single streaming roof.

Features in Thuta Khit Latest Version

Multi-Streaming Prowess: 

The distinctive feature of the Thuta Khit App is its capacity to stream many live events at once.

With the help of this cutting-edge function, viewers can keep up with several events at once without compromising on quality.

Diverse Channel Collection: 

Thuta Khit Apk offers a vast selection of channels to suit a variety of tastes and interests.

The Thuta Khit App offers a channel to meet your interests, whether you're looking for the most recent news, interesting talks, exciting sports events, or enticing entertainment.

News at Your Fingertips: 

With the Thuta Khit App's instant access to Myanmar's top news stations, you can stay informed and engaged.

Keep abreast with local and international events and keep a finger on the global pulse.

Sports Enthusiasts Delight: 

With its thorough coverage of sporting events, the Thuta Khit App is a safe haven for sports fans.

Watch every exhilarating moment and support your preferred teams in regional and global championships.

Cultural Immersion: 

The rich tapestry of Myanmar's cultural legacy is unveiled with the Thuta Khit App.

Indulge in engaging entertainment, such as comedic acts, dramatic productions, and live music performances.

User-Friendly Interface: 

The Thuta Khit App places a high value on user-friendliness; its carefully designed interface leads you through its wide range of channel options with ease.

It's easy to access the live streams you want with their user-friendly settings and clear navigation.


With its comprehensive platform that keeps users informed, involved, and delighted, Thuta Khit App has made a name for itself as a beacon of knowledge and entertainment. 

It is an essential app for anyone looking to get a taste of Myanmar's dynamic culture and current events because of its capacity to stream many live events at once, its wide range of channel offers, and its dedication to quality.

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