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Vanlife Makeover 1.27 APK latest v1.27 for Android

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v1.27 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 28, 2023
170 Mb
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Android 5.0+

VanLife? Campervans? Puzzles? Welcome to the game VanLife Makeover, in which you build your own van.

Solve match-2 puzzles, fix up and create beautiful campervans, and grow your business of turning vans into campers. Your clients expect you to help them get started on their vanlife journey.


Vanlife Makeover 1.27 is a fun and exciting mobile game that lets you start your own business converting camper vans. As the main character, Zoey, you'll need to use your match-2 puzzle skills to finish difficult levels and earn rewards to grow your business.

The game is different because it mixes solving puzzles with designing rooms. Your goal is to help Zoey make her clients' old, worn-out camper vans into beautiful, useful mobile homes. You'll need to use your imagination and design skills to choose the right furniture, accessories, and decorations to make each camper van unique and attractive.

There are also fun match-2 levels in Vanlife Makeover that will test your puzzle-solving skills. You'll have to match tiles and use boosters to get past barriers and finish the levels. 

As you move through the game, you'll be able to use new boosters and power-ups to help you solve the hardest tasks. The game is not only fun, but it also teaches you something. 

You'll learn about the van life community and the different kinds of camper vans, tools, and gadgets that people use to live on the road. Vanlife Makeover is a great game for people who like tasks, designing rooms, and going on adventures. Start your own business converting vans into campers and help people live their dream van lives.



In the puzzle and simulation game VanLife Makeover, players start their own business making campers. The game mixes match-2 puzzles with designing and fixing up a camper, making it fun and different.

Puzzle Mechanics

The main part of the game is the match-2 puzzles, which players must solve to earn coins and other resources that can be used to fix up and build campervans. The puzzles are fun and difficult, and they get harder as the player moves up in levels.

Renovation And Design Of The Van

Players can remodel and create beautiful campervans by choosing different paint colors, furniture, decorations, and more. The game gives players a lot of freedom to be artistic, so they can make their campervans unique and their own.

Playing At Business

As the game goes on, the player will be able to grow their van conversion business by getting more customers, making improvements to their buildings, and hiring people to help with the renovations.

The game is a realistic simulation of running a business. It has parts about managing money and allocating resources, which make the game more difficult and complicated.

Client Stories

There are many different client stories in the game, and each one has its own needs and wants. Players must pay attention to what their clients want and design their campervans properly, giving each client a unique experience.


With Vanlife Makeover 1.27, you are about to go on an exciting journey. This one-of-a-kind mobile game mixes match-two puzzles and interior design to help Zoey start her own business converting camper vans. 

Fix up and create beautiful campervans, solve tricky puzzles, and find out more about the van life community as you go. Vanlife Makeover is a great game for anyone who likes puzzles, design, and adventure. It has a lot of fun features, explosive combinations, and educational material. So, why don't you just do it? Start living the van life today!

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