Wissen Ist Macht 1.5 Apk

Wissen Ist Macht 1.5 Apk

v1.5 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 25, 2023
99 Mb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+
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Get ready for a brain-teasing battle with family and friends with Wissen ist Macht, the best app for playing quiz on your PlayStation┬«4. 

This Wissen Ist Macht Apk turns your phone or tablet into a buzzing controller that tests your reflexes and knowledge in a crazy mix of quizzes, tricks, and strategic power plays. 

No need for extra controllers; just meet around the TV for a night of fun, laughter, and friendly competition.

Introduce to Wissen Ist Macht

The Wissen Ist Macht 1.5 Apk is a great addition for PlayStation┬«4 fans that lets them enjoy a world of fun and learning. This app changes the way quiz games are played by turning them into exciting competitions for two to six people. 

Fight fun fights with family and friends, answer quick-fire general knowledge questions, take part in touch screen challenges, and use Power Plays to win. Through a shared Wi-Fi network, the app connects easily to your PS4TM system, making it easy to play games. 

Wissen Ist Macht Apk is Power is an exciting and welcoming game with an easy-to-use layout, customizable characters, and support for multiple languages. 

This Knowledge is Power Apk will give you exciting and memorable PlayStation®4 game experiences, whether you're planning Power Plays or posting about your wins on social media.

Streamlined Quiz Interfaces.

It all starts with Knowledge is Power's controller app, which has clean touch controls that make the most of the small space on mobile screens. 

The question prompts are in the spotlight, and the answers are shown as big, easy-to-read tiles. This is especially helpful when everyone is gathered around the same TV watching the PS4 quiz at the same time. 

For people who need bigger profiles or more help with visibility, font sizes, colors, and reaction button target zones can all be changed to fit their needs. Digital warning sounds and rumble support are two more ways that people with a wide range of accessibility needs can get help.

Diverse Single & Multiplayer Modes.

Solo players can take short quizzes every day by themselves, or they can choose to play games with a group, giving smartphone app controls to two to six people. 

Customizing the length of play in three- to ten-minute chunks means that lighter social meetings can still enjoy compelling competitive arcs without getting too tired from playing marathons.

Supporting one device per person in a group makes sure that everyone's eyes are on the shared TV screen instead of everyone staring down at their phone and missing the action in the living room. 

Having battles around the PS4 center stage encourages more conversation, celebratory high fives, or watching friends fall apart under pressure and miss clear answers, naturally raising the level of interaction. High Definition screens don't work by themselves. 

Social & Expandable Platform.

While Knowledge is Power can only support eight local players at first, its internet infrastructure makes it possible for anyone to play as an opponent in a quiz. 

As a developer, Wish Studios can add more server-side features, such as team fights or three-player versus structures, along with new trivia and question packs and leaderboard ladders. 

The companion app was built to work with current mobile devices, so it has cross-platform features that have already been confirmed for iOS and Android, as well as tablets and smartphones. This means that almost anyone can host or join games whenever they want.

Features in Wissen Ist Macht Latest Version

Interactive Gameplay:

You can use your phone or computer to take a quick quiz with questions about everyday things. Challenges on the touch screen put you right in the middle of the action and make the game even more exciting.

Power Plays Arsenal:

With a collection of Power Plays, you can carefully attack your opponents, adding a tactical element to the game. Check out different Power Plays to get an edge over your opponents and win all the quiz games.

Seamless Connectivity:

For a smooth gaming experience, make sure that your computer and PS4TM system are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Simply follow the easy-to-understand steps in the app to connect and start the game chaos.

Character Customization:

Pick a character that speaks to you, and take a selfie with fun filters that go with the character's theme to remember the moment. Make the game your own by adding your own touch to it.

Multilingual Support:

You can play the game in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and many other languages. Encourage a truly welcoming gaming environment with language choices for a wide range of people.

Social Integration:

Play a "Quick Quiz" game through the app with your friends, and then post a picture of the winner on social media to celebrate. Enjoy the best of social gaming by getting your friends and family together for a fun and memorable game session.


Knowledge is Power successfully updates the rules of trivia games by introducing a creative controller partner app that can be used with TV shows starting on the first of the month. 

Mobile platforms that are easier to use allow more people to enjoy the lively quiz competition atmosphere that would otherwise be scared off by complex rule sets for consoles. 

People who want quick five-minute trivia hits get just as much long-lasting entertainment value as people who go to game night every week and use clever temporary Power Plays to change the result of longer games in big ways.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Wissen Ist Macht Apk

Q: Does Knowledge is Power require buying the base PS4 game?

A: Yes, you need to own the Knowledge is Power PlayStation 4 game disc or have bought it digitally in order to use the benefits of the companion app.

Q: What mobile platforms support the companion app?

A: You can get the app on both iOS and Android phones and tablets, and it works with most new devices released in the last three to five years.

Q: Can I use a controller instead of the app?

A: No, the group must use the mobile companion app instead of DualShock4 devices. This lets more people join games at the same time.

Q: Do I need PlayStation Plus for online play?

A: You don't need a PS+ subscription because Knowledge is Power handles links through the companion app instead of PSN.

Q: How often are new trivia questions added?

A: The developers say that the material will be updated regularly over time, and in the future, you'll be able to buy extra quizzes to make the game bigger.

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